OcÚ T220UV Ink


The Arizona T220UV uses UV-curable pigmented inks including Cyan (C), Magenta (M), Yellow (Y), Black (K), Light Magenta (LM), and Light Cyan (LC). The ink is supplied in 0.95 liter (32 ounce) bottles. The OcÚ ink part numbers, which are necessary for ordering more ink, are provided in the table below.

Note: See “Safety Information” section before handling ink.

Attention: Do not lean on or put undue pressure on the ink enclosure door. Also, keep the door closed at all times, unless it must be open for service or inspection.

How to Store and Handle UV Inks

To ensure good quality images and to extend the life of printheads in the Arizona T220UV printer, it is important to have good UV ink management procedures. UV inks must be properly handled and stored correctly.

   Inks must be stored within a temperature range of 15║ to 40║C (59║ to104║F). Exposure to extreme temperatures will reduce the expected life of the ink

   Do not use ink that is past the “Use by” date printed on the bottle.

   Do not mix old ink with new ink to top off a bottle. This can introduce contaminants that may result in clogged nozzles.

   Do not shake ink bottles as this may introduce air into the ink and also stir up particles that may have settled to the bottom.

   Swab the heads with UV Flush at least once a week to dislodge any potential buildup of particles or ink.

OcÚ T220UV Inks and Flush

OcÚ Part #



7410 Black UV Curable Ink


7420 Cyan UV Curable Ink


7430 Magenta UV Curable Ink


7440 Yellow UV Curable Ink


7450 Light Cyan UV Curable Ink


7460Light Magenta UV Curable Ink


7400 UV Flush solution

T220UV Inks

Access to MSDS Ink Information

MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheets, supplied by the manufacturer) for each color of ink and the UV Flush are available in 11 languages on the CD supplied with your printer and also on the ODGS customer website at:
The information on these sheets is more detailed than the material found in the section titled "Safety Guidelines" in this document. Read and periodically review this safety information to ensure optimal safe handling procedures and proper emergency responses are followed when using the OcÚ inks and flush.